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CNET: IPad Mini won't be the only Apple news

NEW YORK Everyone is eager to learn about the rumored iPad Mini, but CNET's tech news roundup looks at what else Apple (AAPL) will be announcing. We're expecting to see at least one new computer, such as an iMac or Mac Mini. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the Mac Pro will get an update in 2013, so it may be too soon to announce that. As for laptops, there have been reports that Apple will give the 13-inch MacBook Pro a retina display.

When Apple does unveil the iPad Mini, expect a big focus around education. And Apple could release the iTunes update that was first announced at the iPhone 5 event last month. All will be revealed Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

Apple's not the only one showing off new gadgets. On Friday, new Windows 8 computers and tablets hit stores. And Google (GOOG) will unveil the Nexus 4 smartphone, a 10-inch Nexus tablet and the upgraded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on Monday, Oct. 29.

In other news, Verizon (VZ) customers with Android phones can now have Google Play store downloads -- such as apps, music and movies -- charged to their monthly phone bill. Sprint (S), AT&T (T) and T-Mobile customers have already been able to send Google Play purchases to their bills.

Facebook (FB) is quietly phasing out its Questions feature, which let users create polls. But Pages and Groups can still use the tool.

Microsoft (MSFT) is running a promotion for the upcoming Office 2013. New buyers of Office 2010 or 2011 will be able to upgrade to 2013 for free when it is released.

CNET's live coverage of Apple's event begins Tuesday

A new type of mobile payment service, called Isis, has launched to compete with Google Wallet. It was created by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, and it lets users pay for items by tapping a smartphone to a sensor. For it to work, you'd need a smartphone with an NFC chip. Aside from being used as a credit or debit card, the Isis program also stores coupons. But these services face a tough challenge: Why bother with an app on your phone, when it's just as easy to pull out a credit card?

This post by Bridget Carey originally appeared on CNET.

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