Clinton Today

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

WASHINGTON -- Today, Hillary Clinton returns to Pennsylvania where she'll will campaign a day after making an Iraq policy address here in Washington.

Last night, the Clinton campaign was dealt a blow in their pursuit to gain a competitive edge over Barack Obama's lead in delegates when Florida Democrats announced they will not hold a primary re-vote. Clinton won the majority of voters in the Sunshine State's January contest, which is not acknowledged in the current delegate count since Florida was stripped of its delegates by the Democratic National Committee when it moved it's primary to January in violation of party rules.

The state of Michigan, which also was punished by the DNC for moving up its primary date, is still making attempts to have their votes counted in the current election.

"Today's announcement brings us no closer to counting the votes of the nearly 1.7 million people who voted in January. We hope the Obama campaign shares our belief that Florida's voters must be counted and cannot be disenfranchised," Clinton campaign deputy communications director Phil Singer said in a written statement.

Clinton and Obama both campaign in Philadelphia today - Clinton will talk about Iraq, Obama will deliver a speech on race in reaction to the controversy over comments his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has made.