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Clinton Shakes It In West Philly

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

Hillary Clinton visited a senior citizens exercise class at the YMCA in West Philadelphia today, and the beat of the music was too much for her to resist.

The dancers spun around the floor as Clinton bobbed up and down in place. The famous song by James Brown played in the background, "we're gonna have a funky good time. We're gonna take you hiiiiiigher" at which point Clinton waved her hands in the air.

Clinton, who has not danced publicly throughout this campaign, and often makes fun of her singing abilities, briefly let loose. She kicked her legs to the beat of the music and moved her shoulders from side to side.

Clinton must have been thirsty after busting a move. She soon left the YMCA and crossed the street to the 52nd Street Diner where she ordered an ice tea. Asked by a reporter about her dance moves, Clinton said, "I tell you what - that was a better workout than it might have appeared at first. I think we need to put that music on the plane."

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