Clinton Ally Barred From Clinton Appearance

This is awkward: The Hillary Clinton campaign has "barred" Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline – a former Clinton Rhode Island campaign chair – from the former first lady's appearance in the state on Sunday, according to the Providence Journal.

Why? Because Cicilline doesn't get along with the local firefighters' union, and the Clinton campaign fears that if he shows up they will protest at the event.

Cicilline is no fan of Team Clinton's decision.

"It's obviously something for me to think about very carefully, because I am very disappointed in the decision of the Clinton campaign. I'm not prepared to say more than that today. I obviously have tremendous respect for Senator Clinton, but I'm very disappointed in the decision of her campaign today," he said.

Rhode Island voters go to the polls on Tuesday, March 4th. There are 32 delegates at stake in the state, and a Brown University poll earlier this month showed Clinton with an eight point lead.