Climbing Mount Everest: The Real-Time Web Series with Elia Saikaly

A View to Live for from Elia Saikaly's blog
A View to Live for from Elia Saikaly's blog. (

LOS ANGELES (CBS) Ever dreamed of climbing Mount Everest? I know I have! 

Elia Saikaly is living his dream and bringing 25,000 students along for the ride as he makes his way to the top of the world. With five HD Cams, four MacBook Pros, a satellite Internet receiver and audio equipment in hand, the filmmaker has been "broadcasting a webseries, webisodes daily back to these kids in Canada, as well as blogs."

"We're also able to Skype with classes," he says. "Three times a week we're talking to these kids while they're in class so they feel like they're living this with us. We also have something called Epic Tracker, so kids can geo-locate where we are, the storybook of our adventure and fly around Google Earth. They're literally here with us."

The 130 schools involved are also raising $1,000 for Child Haven International, which will be using the money to construct an orphanage in India.

Whether you're a student or not, being connected to Saikaly and watching each step of his journey is truly inspiring.

You can locate the team, see video and pictures at

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