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Clever pooch steals food and dog shows off tricks

(CBS News) If you come home to find food missing and a chair moved around a few times in a row, you're bound to become a bit suspicious. Especially if every person in the house seems have an alibi for the ongoing redecorating and grub heist. But maybe it's not actually a person who's guilty of the crime... watch and see what happens when a hidden camera is set up to find out above.

I'd be torn between saying, "Bad doggie!" or "Clever pooch!" after I saw the footage. The canine caper caught-on-camera was posted on YouTube back in 2007 by ChengSee who writes:

After noticing the chair being moved each time I return home from an outing, I decide to put on a 'spy camera' to find out who moved the chair...

The silver-lining: it appears like he can't pull off the heist for too much longer if he keeps getting plumper based on what I saw in the video. (Just saying...) And up next, we've got a double-dog dose of clever canines for you in the form of "Jumpy" showing off some mad skills and fun tricks in this video below posted on YouTube by Omar von Muller. Now, this dog definitely deserves a treat!

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