Classic Stock Ticker Symbols for an ADD World

Last Updated Mar 8, 2010 11:19 AM EST

Dumb Company NamesWell, Dumb Company Names for an ADD World was a big hit with you folks. Loved the comments. And while I still think Fifth Third Bankcorp is the dumbest name I've ever heard, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, a write-in favorite first submitted by reader kellygreen, is definitely right up there on the annoying list. Some literally said they wouldn't eat there because the name is so dumb.

I didn't want to believe that Jubilant Organosys was really a company name, but it is, no kidding. Thanks to reader thedudeistoocool - a dumb name in itself, dude.

Then there was Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen from mlauren22. A personal injury law firm, no less. And yes, it's for real. Some other good ones:

Dumb Company NamesPricewaterhouseCoopers from reader Petriedn.
Carl's Jr. submitted by Tina Lewis Rowe.
And Boar's Head Meats from AARONDEAN.
Some readers suggested I follow up with great company names. Well, I thought about it for about ten seconds and, you know, it's just not the same. Then it hit me: clever stock ticker symbols, now that's something I could get into.

Note that I didn't include any single letter symbols, acronyms (except for one exception), or symbols that were the same as the company name itself. Too easy.

25 Clever Stock Ticker Symbols for an ADD World

  1. BOOM Dynamic Materials (Unfortunately, their stock sort of "blew up" today)
  2. NUT ML Macadamia Orchards
  3. BEN Franklin Resources
  4. DNA Genentech
  5. BID Sotheby's
  6. HOG Harley-Davidson
  7. GROW U.S. Global Investors
  8. BUD Anheuser-Busch InBev
  9. CASH Meta Financial Group
  10. CAKE The Cheesecake Factory
  11. ROCK Gibraltar Industries
  12. BABY Natus Medical
  13. TAP Molson Coors Brewing
  14. FUN Cedar Fair (Amusement parks -- of course)
  15. BOOT Lacrosse Footwear
  16. EYE Advanced Med Optics
  17. JOB General Employment Enterprises
  18. GAS NICOR (natural gas)
  19. EAT Brinker International (owner of Chili's)
  20. ZEUS Olympic Steel
  21. LUV Southwest Airlines (named for Dallas Love Field)
  22. MMM 3M
  23. CAR Avis Budget Group
  24. CAT Caterpillar
  25. LAVA Magma Design Automation
Okay, now it's your turn. Got any great stock ticker symbols I missed? Remember, they've got to be current.

If you've got any ideas for similar amusing blog post categories, I'm all ears.