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Class Of 2000: Sokchea Pak

In many ways, Sokchea Prak is a normal teenager. He enjoys hanging out in malls, surfing the Web, and goofing around. He is also blind.

After losing his sight due to untreated measles he caught in a refugee camp in Thailand, Sokchea, a native of Cambodia, came with his family to the United States. He learned English and became a student at the prestigious Perkins School For The Blind.

What does he want to do with his life? "I want to be a pilot," he says, deadpan, and then breaks out laughing, cracking up his fellow students as well as his interviewer, CBS correspondent Jeffrey Kofman. In reality, Sokchea isn't sure what path he'd like to take. Maybe, he muses, he'll be a psychologist, helping other sightless people to cope with their lack of vision., in conjunction with CBS Sunday Morning, profiles Sokchea, and offers an introduction to his sightless but exciting world.

Sites For The Blind: The Web has a wide range of resources for people with vision problems. We gathered some of the most helpful sites here.

Extra-Credit Classes: This week, CBS News 48 Hours also profiled several members of the Class of 2000. Find out what they had to say, and also learn about some new technology that could be widespread by the time these teenagers are adults.

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