Clarissa Ward on reporting from Syria

CBS News' "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer spoke to CBS News' foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward about her coverage of Syria. Schieffer said Ward and producer Ben Plesser "slipped past Syrian government guards and risked their lives to bring us the story and pictures of the revolution there."

On their journey over the Syrian border into Turkey, Ward told Schieffer they were "literally wading through canals in the dead of night. So certainly it was a very difficult exercise."

In response to a Schieffer's question about how long the rebels can continue to fight the government, Ward said that they are not getting any support outside of Syria and "what they're doing is extremely difficult and without some kind of support it's unfathomable, to me at least, how they could continue at this pace for any real length of time."

To watch Bob Schieffer's complete interview with Clarissa Ward click on the video player above.

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