Church compensates server fired after Facebook post complaining of no tip

Server fired over no-tip frustration

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A 25-year-old server who was fired from a Florida restaurant after she complained on Facebook that a church hadn't tipped her for preparing a large take-out order says she's now been compensated.

Tamlynn Yoder tells the Palm Beach Post that officials from Christ Fellowship church in Palm Beach Gardens contacted her after reports that she'd been fired from Outback Steakhouse. She says officials told her several families from the church gave the money to compensate her with "more than a tip."

The controversy began last Wednesday when the church placed a 75-item order that came to $735. Yoder posted that she spent much of her shift preparing it and only made $18 in tips the rest of the day.

Servers typically make below minimum wage, with tips making up the difference. Tipped workers in Florida earn $5.23 per hour.

Yoder was fired the day after her Facebook post. She says the restaurant hasn't contacted her.

"I was super mad," Yoder said in an interview with CBS affiliate WPEC. "I was angry because that was such a large order. We have to take so much out of our time. It took almost an hour to put it all together."

"As takeout, we still make server minimum wage," she said. "We are making $5 an hour. That's not even two gallons of gas. I want them to realize what it's like as a server in this industry because we do work hard."