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Little girl makes Christmas wish to see her best friend again. Santa made it come true.

Girl asks Santa to see her friend again
Girl writes letter to Santa asking to see her friend again, and he delivers 03:50

While most kids ask Santa Claus for toys, 7-year-old Annalisse Hocking of New Hampshire asked the big man in the red suit for just one thing — to find her friend Nyla.

"Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like it to be a surprise. Please tell Nyla that I miss her," the little girl's letter reads. "Please tell her my address."

The priceless Christmas wish stood out when it arrived at the North Pole.

The two girls became best friends in school after 8-year-old Nyla Loftis helped Annalisse — whose family was new in town — feel welcome. But when Nyla's family moved away in February, the second graders lost touch.

"I asked to see Nyla because I really missed her," Annalisse told CBS News' Nikki Battiste.

Santa Claus, with a little help from Annalisse's mom Lesley, posted a photo of the letter to Facebook asking if the community could help find Nyla. Over 100 people responded.

"I was definitely crying a little bit because like, Santa posted it on Facebook and all these people had helped him," Annalisse's mom said.

Lesley and Nyla's mother, Sarah, knew they had to get their daughters together — so they planned a surprise meet-up. 

"It actually chokes me up right now," Sarah said. "I was just amazed that a little girl would ask that."

Annalisse said she was surprised when her wish came true. 

"We hugged and I couldn't talk," Nyla said excitedly. "I was speechless, I didn't know what to say."

Asked if she had a message to Santa, Annalisse answered, "Thank you for making my wish come true."

Moms Lesley and Sarah are grateful for all of Santa's helpers who made their daughters' reunion possible.

"I think people in this time of year feel an extra sense of giving… and I think this brought out the best in people in a lot of ways," Lesley said.

Sarah said the surprise visit was good for Nyla, who is now attending a new school.

"It's been great seeing her smile because it's been so hard," she said. "This has definitely made her a little more cheerful… she still has her best friend."

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