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Seattle's Space Needle welcomed 2021 with a virtual light show that was out of this world

People around the world usually gather outdoors on December 31 to watch mesmerizing fireworks shows. But with the ongoing surge in coronavirus cases, the Space Needle in Seattle decided to make the experience accessible from indoors — and it was bigger, trippier and more dazzling than ever before. 

In lieu of the regular fireworks show at the Space Needle, officials of the iconic landmark opted to create a digital light show experience that displayed striking visuals of life, science and illusions that were out of this world. 

As stated on the Space Needle website, organizers used sky-mapping technology and video footage to create the spectacle, which was only visible on screen. People who visited the landmark in person only saw the Space Needle lit up in a magenta color. 

T-Mobile New Year's at the Needle 2021 by Space Needle on Vimeo

Twitter users have been quick to comment on just how epic — and mind blowing — the New Year's Eve celebration was. 

Many Twitters users compared the event to a hallucinogenic experience.

Others, however, described the show as the product of extra terrestrial collaboration or the work of a science fiction dystopia. 

While it isn't exactly a connection to life outside of this world, Terry Morgan, the visionary behind the show, told the Seattle Times that it is the product of a vivid dream he had earlier this year. 

"I was semiconscious in the dream and the sky was just beautiful colors and faces, all just kind of floating like clouds in the sky," Morgan told the Times. "And it was really one of those landmark dreams."

Morgan decided to take the idea to Karen Olson, the chief operating officer and chief marketing officer at the Space Needle, and as the Times reported, the concept was developed in just a couple of months. 

"This was not something that has been planned for a year," Morgan said. "Once the Space Needle decided they were physically not doing fireworks because of the social restrictions due to COVID, this really kind of popped up and became an alternative."

It may have just been an alternative, but for people who watched the event, it may just be the future. 

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