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The oddities on Trump's latest China products tariff list

How Trump's tariffs on China will impact you
From furniture to dog collars, how Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports will impact you 03:36
  • If the U.S. imposes tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports, American consumer will feel the pain.
  • Prices could rise for slews of everyday items, such as smartphones and apparel.
  • But many other, not-at-all-common products are also on the tariff target list.

As the White House prepares to impose new tariffs on an additional $300 billion in Chinese goods, American consumers are naturally wondering -- and worried -- about just what products they could soon be paying more for. After all, U.S. companies that import Chinese goods pay those tariffs and often pass the cost on to consumers.

Many of the 3,805 products detailed on Monday by the Trump administration represent recognizable consumer items, like electronics, shoes and clothing. These everyday goods have led to most concerns American consumers have about the next potential phase in the U.S.-China trade war. That's especially true for smartphones, like Apple's iPhone, which so far have escaped the volleys of U.S. tariffs and Chinese countermeasures.

But maybe you should also be worried about the price of your sperm whale wax or next pet parrot. These are just two of the not-exactly-everyday items you may not know U.S. companies import from China, but they're also in the line of President Donald Trump's tariff fire. Here's a sampling of some others: 

Live animals

  •  Mules, asses, hinnies, camels, buffalo, foxes and all live mammals
  •  Many birds, including everything from pet parrots to emus and birds of prey

Clown cars

  • Traveling circuses and traveling menageries (and parts and accessories thereof)

Exotic waxes

  • Bleached beeswax
  • Insect waxes, other than bleached beeswax
  • Spermaceti, a wax produced by the sperm whale found in the top part of its head to help focus acoustic signals, used during the whaling era for creams and ointments 

At your disposal

  • Municipal waste
  • Sewage sludge
  • Clinical waste
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