China: An Outsourcer's Survival Guide

Last Updated Aug 27, 2010 4:44 PM EDT

You've heard the horror stories: chemical-laced toothpaste, tainted seafood, lead-coated toys. Partnering with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers may save millions, but in light of these problems, can western companies outsource critical business functions and still come out ahead? Our experts say the answer is yes — if you know the right way to manage an ever-more complex process.

Our Crash Course on how to outsource to China safely provides a four-step process for cost-effective partnerships that won't harm your brand (or your customers). To help you navigate the business culture, we've researched the unspoken rules of Chinese business. Then, to keep your trade secrets, patents, and copyrights safe, we share tips for protecting your intellectual property in China. And, in our Best Practices video, two outsourcing experts share the inside scoop on how to negotiate Chinese bureaucracy and get things done.