Chicago high school security guard allegedly pushes student down stairs, incident reportedly caught on video

Cell phone video shows an employee at Dunbar Career Academy pushing a female student down a flight of stairs.
CBS Chicago

(CBS/WBBM) CHICAGO--Chicago public school officials and local authorities are conducting an investigation after they say they received a video, taken on someone's cell phone, of a school security guard pushing a girl down a set of stairs, reports CBS Chicago.

Authorities have not yet released the suspect's identity, nor have they said whether or not he is an employee of the district or of a private security firm, but he has been removed from the job, reported CBS Chicago.

Officials did not say if the man has been fired, nor whether or not he will be facing criminal charges, reported the station.

Students from the victim's high school, Dunbar Career Academy, told the station that she is a sophomore and that the alleged crime took place on Tuesday.

In the video, the victim is seen lying at the bottom of the stairs after being pushed. When she attempts to get up, the suspect knocks her down again, reports WBBM.

"The safety of our students is our top priority. CPS takes matters of employee misconduct very seriously, especially when it involves an employee whose job it is to ensure the safety of students. Once CPS was made aware of this incident, immediate action was taken to remove this individual from his position while the investigation continues," Chicago public schools spokeswoman Becky Carroll wrote in an email to the station.