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Chelsea Clinton through the years in the spotlight

Chelsea Clinton's evolution
Chelsea Clinton's evolution 02:02

NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton will be introduced at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night by her daughter, Chelsea.

The little girl so many remember from her White House years -- is all grown up.

On the trail, she uses her mother's smarts, and her father's flair.

Day 4 expectations 13:32

At 36 years old, Chelsea Clinton is one of the campaign's most valuable assets. After all, she's been on the trail with her parents since she was two.

In 1991 -- when Bill Clinton launched his presidential campaign -- a then 11-year-old Chelsea could barely be seen. It would stay that way for most of her eight years in the White House. While her parents tried to shield her from the press' lens -- they were less successful with comedic tongues.

In a Saturday Night Live skit, her looks were spoofed.

Attending Stanford University in California brought Chelsea temporary reprieve from the limelight-- until her sophomore year during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

"Chelsea was really the only thing holding this family together," said Llyod Grove, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast.

Grove started covering the Clintons more than 20 years ago.

"The Clinton's took their cue from Jacqueline Kennedy who sat with Hillary and told her how... she raised Caroline and John in the White House," said Grove.

Since then, Chelsea has come into her own. She's taken a more public role at the Clinton Global Initiative. And Monday night, the mother of two will proudly introduce her own mother at the convention.

"It's Chelsea's job tonight to show the human side of her mother," said Grove.

On Monday night, the girl named after a Joni Mitchell song -- "Chelsea Morning" -- will finally have her night.

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