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Charting The Yahoo Brain Drain

This story was written by Joseph Tartakoff.
Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) executives and senior engineers have been leaving in droves recently (some by choice, some not) today alone brought news that two more were out the door. In case you're having trouble remembering the others, here's a refresher course. Just from a look back through our own reporting, we counted 22 executives that have fled to greener pastures over the past six months. Here they are, including what jobs they left for:

VP of Sales Operations Dan Foehner, to Facebook
VP of Business Operations and Product Marketing Dmitri Krakovsky, to SuccessFactors
Senior Director of Advertiser Marketplace Operations Dave Myers, to interCLICK
Senior VP of Business Operations Jeff McCombs, to Tumri
VP of Product and Strategy for Yahoo HotJobs and Yahoo Small Business Kevin Krim, to Bloomberg
Yahoo VP of Operations for Search and Advertising Dayne Sampson, to Microsoft
Chief Scientist for the Search and Advertising Technology Group Jan Pedersen, to Amazon and then Microsoft
Zimbra Founder Satish Dharmaraj, to Redpoint Ventures

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Director of Yahoo's Political Advertising Unit Diane Rinaldo, to TPM
CFO Blake Jorgensen, to Undisclosed
EVP for Connected Devices Marco Boerries, to Undisclosed
Yahoo News head Neeraj Khemlani, to Hearst
VP of Search and Advertising Sciences Larry Heck, to Microsoft
Chief Communications Officer Jill Nash, to Undisclosed
SVP and head of Yahoo Media Scott Moore, to Microsoft
Director of Marketing Bettina Cisneros, to Time Inc.
VP of US Field Marketing Eric Hadley, to Microsoft
President Sue Decker, to Undisclosed
Yahoo EVP of engineering for Search and Ad Tech Qi Lu, to Microsoft
Chief of Insights Peter Daboll, to Bunchball
EVP and MD for Europe and Canada Toby Coppel, to Undisclosed
Head of Yahoo News Alan Warms, to Undisclosed/a>

By Joseph Tartakoff

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