Championship Gaming Series Closes Down

This story was written by Tameka Kee.
DirecTV-backed professional videogaming league Championship Gaming Series (CGS) is closing down. Launched in January 2007, CGS started with six franchises in the U.S. (in cities like LA, NY and Dallas), and expanded to international coverage this year. Its matches were picked up by DirecTV (NYSE: DTV), BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) and Star, and the LA-based company had corporate sponsors like Xbox 360 and Mountain Dew. CGS also announced a new executive team in January, but the progress wasn't enough to bring the company into profitability. In a statement, the CGS said "the economics just didn't add up for us at this time." The shutdown leaves Major League Gaming (MLG) as the only real contender in the professional gaming space. 

By Tameka Kee