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CEOs Optimistic About Obama

  • CEOs Optimistic About ObamaThe Find: More CEOs may have supported McCain during the election, but that hasn't stopped three out of four of them from believing Obama will (eventually) fix the economy, reports a recent survey.
  • The Source: A recent survey of senior executives from Grant Thornton LLP.
The Takeaway: CEOs supported John McCain over Barrack Obama in a ratio of four to one, but when Grant Thornton asked 450 senior executives across a range of industries their view of the incoming president last month, they reported more optimism than you might expect.

A full 74 percent of respondents reported that they believe Obama will be able to get the country out of the current financial crisis. However, less than two percent said he would be able to have an impact in the next six months. 22 percent thought we would see improvements within a year, and just over half expect Obama to start to turn things around within two years. 26 percent remain skeptical that the new president will have any positive impact on the economy at all.

The full survey results are available here. Meanwhile, The Hill is reporting that some business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, are lobbying in support of Obama's stimulus plan.

The Question: BNET readers weigh in, will President-elect Obama be able to turn the economy around and in what kind of time frame?

(Image of President-elect Obama Joe Crimmings Photography, CC 2.0)

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