CEO of UK Plc: You're Fired

What do you do when the CEO does the following:
  • Lets the company share price fall to an all-time low?
  • Issues a £40bn profit warning and the company finances are in a mess?
  • Starts laying people off by the thousands?
  • Claims he is doing a great job?
Now let's look at how the CEO of UK Plc, Gordon Brown, is doing:
Now let's look at how Brown performs against the top five things that followers expect of a good leader:
  • Vision. What is his vision? Instead of a Brown movement we have Brownian motion: a random walk from past to the future.
  • Ability to motivate people. His tantrums are famous, his staff do not like working for him and he lacks the popular touch of his predecessor.
  • Good in crises. To be fair, he has had a good credit crunch because it is intellectually interesting and requires no emotional engagement.
  • Decisive. He micromanages, but blows the big decisions, like not calling a general election last year.
  • Honesty and integrity. After 11 years in power, all the broken promises, spin, puff and half truths finally catch up with any politician.
Of course, this assumes that there is someone better to succeed him. Should we give incumbent President Obama a 51st state to look after?

(Photo: Whatleydude, CC2.0)