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Celebrity morning routines are often unrealistic, experts say. Try these 4 simple steps instead.

How to create a better morning routine
How to create a better morning routine 02:40

Bella Hadid raised eyebrows last month after sharing her elaborate morning routine on TikTok, which included a handful of pills, tinctures, green juice, sea moss gel and other "detox" beverages. Other celebrities boast their own multistep self-care rituals to start the day. Should that be a model for the rest of us? 

Not at all, experts say. Instead, they suggest people focus on a few steps that are accessible to them — and not to aim for perfection, either.

"This morning routine is not realistic for most women and is just unnecessary for health. If it's what works for her, great, but it's likely not what most people need to start their day. Also, where's the actual food for breakfast?" Laura Ligos, a registered dietitian nutritionist, told CBS News, adding that when it comes to seemingly perfect star-studded morning routines, "so often they are unrealistic."

Another example is Jennifer Aniston's morning routine, which consists of waking up at 4:30 a.m. on work days, drinking a cup of hot water with lemon, skincare, a meditation, a smoothie and a workout, according to an interview with Well+Good.

Gwyneth Paltrow starts her day with tongue scraping, oil pulling, 20 minutes of transcendental meditation, a workout, dry brushing and celery juice, Vogue reported

"Again, this all sounds great. But is this realistic for everyone? No. Is it necessary for everyone? Also no," says Amanda Holtzer, a registered dietician based in New Jersey.

Here are four approachable, expert-recommended steps to try out instead:

1. Skip your cellphone

Ligos says ditching your phone in the morning is a simple way to start your day off on the right foot.

James Clear, the author of "Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones," previously told CBS News that it can help to stop using your phone as an alarm.

"So you wake up, you turn your alarm off and then rather than getting out of bed, you lay there and just start to scroll. And it's like, well, I don't quite want to get up yet, and then before you know it, 10, 15, 20 minutes have passed," he said. "So I think one solution to that is to charge your phone in another room each day rather than keeping it next to you."

2. Hydrate

Holtzer and Ligos both say to replenish your body with a drink of water when you wake up. Ligos also suggests having a glass before your morning coffee or tea.

3. Take time for you

This can be personalized depending on your goals, Holtzer says.

"I recommend that everyone take a moment to think about what they want out of their morning routine," she says. "Ask yourself: How much time do I have in the morning to dedicate to myself? What responsibilities do I absolutely have to check off my list each morning?"

Focusing on fitness? Schedule in some time for a quick workout. Looking to de-stress? Incorporate meditation, Holtzer suggests. How about a natural boost? Some morning sunshine or a lamp that mimics daylight can help, Ligos says. 

Clear says that taking on simple, achievable tasks, like making your bed, can help build momentum for the rest of your day, too. It helps get "positive flow" going, he says, helping you move on to tackle the more challenging tasks ahead.

4. Fuel your body

A healthy, filling and protein-packed breakfast is another important step to fuel yourself for the rest of your day, Ligos and Holtzer say.

"Certainly if you need to take (medications or) some supplements, do that, but you don't take them just because a celebrity or influencer tells you to," Ligos adds.

"Perfection is nonexistent"

While it's fine to be curious about the lives and routines of our favorite celebs — be mindful as you watch them.

"What works for them likely won't work for us, and that's OK!" Ligos says. "I hope no one compares themselves to (a) celebrity who has a lot more resources and disposable income."

You also don't have to be perfect in your own routine.

"You do not have to follow every single step of a morning routine in order to set yourself up for a healthy and positive day," Holtzer says. "It's OK if some days you skip the workout or forget the meditation. ... Perfection is nonexistent, and a 'perfect' morning routine should not be the goal."

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