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Celeb Parents Face Scrutiny Over Kids' Dress

The much-photographed Suri Cruise has been seen in everything from little girl heels to pink tutus. Here, she is dressed in Christmas red for a visit with her mother, actress Katie Holmes, to "The Nutcracker" at the New York City Ballet on Dec. 14, 2008. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In recent years, celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes have faced criticism for the way their young children dress.

Jolie's daughter Shiloh's haircut and clothing are said to be too boyish. Holmes' daughter Suri, who often sports high heel shoes, has been called a personal Barbie doll for the star.

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But celebs like Jolie and Holmes aren't the only ones facing scrutiny over their kids' fashion -- you are.

It really doesn't matter if you're a star. Clothing and style are always hot topics. And often, family members and friends have something to say about how you dress your child or how you let your child dress him or herself.

What is the most outrageous thing someone has said to you about the way your child dresses?

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