CDN BitGravity Gets Another $11.5 Million, From Tata Communications

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
BitGravity, the much-hyped content delivery network startup based in Burlingame, CA, has received another round of funding, this time from India's Tata Communications, the telecom arm of the Tata Group, which has invested $11.5 million in it.  Also Tata has announced the launch of its global CDN service using BitGravity's technology. Just earlier last month, BitGravity announced it closed a $2.5 million "seed" round, from Allen & Co. and Sling founder and CEO Blake Krikorian. The company launched its service last year, and focuses on high resolution and live video delivery, and says it is at a lower cost than others. It powers video for Revision3 and Pump Audio, among others. The investment from Tata would bring the total amount raised by BitGravity to $14 million. More details in release.

By Rafat Ali