CBS Starts Hyperlocal Ad Network With Affiliate TV Stations

This story was written by David Kaplan.
The CBS (NYSE: CBS) Television Stations group is trying to build on its local strengths by offering a revenue-sharing partnership with local bloggers and social media sites in the CBS Local Ad Network. The CBS O&O stations are providing real-time local news with top headlines and video links with one banner ad. widgets that will allow local bloggers and hyper-local sites in their areas to sign up. The local sites can place up to three sponsored link boxes per page. The stations sell the ads; the local site gets an undisclosed cut.

But CBS isn't managing the network, which has rolled out already in Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver; instead, it's being administered by Syndigo, a new Seevast division set up to manage verticals for publishers. At the launch, CBS had ad deals in place with AT&T (NYSE: T) for two of its Chicago stations, local Honda dealers in the Dallas area, and Liberty Mutual Insurance in Boston. CBS will continue the rollout of hyperlocal features for stations in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Baltimore, among other areas, over the next few weeks. Release.

Staci adds: Syndigo may want to work a tad on its marketing given this line ... member benefits include "increased credibility." The network also is only available for sites "written in English." Payment is 45 days after the calendar month; payments that don't exceed $50 will roll over until they do. The contract runs one year. As far as I can telland I may be missing something in the fine printmembers have to sign up before they are told the rev share amount. 

By David Kaplan