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CBS Shakes Up New York

The filming of the new CBS miniseries Aftershock is shaking up New York City. In Aftershock, a catastrophic earthquake hits New York City and the city scrambles to put itself back together under the leadership of Mayor Bruce Lincoln, played by actor Charles Dutton.

"This is a year later and the mayor has come to meet and talk with all the folks who have chosen to stay in New York City and stick it out and rebuild the place," explains Dutton. "I'm not [New York Mayor] Giuliani, or [politician Al] Sharpton for that matter. Maybe a combination of both," he says.

Joining Dutton in the cast is Tom Skerritt as former New York City Fire Chief Thomas Ahearn. "This fire chief is the only safety officer that's left after the earthquake. The police commissioner, the police captain, they were obliterated, apparently. I'm the only safety officer there is left," says Skerritt.

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For Ally McBeal star Lisa Nicole Carson, who plays Dutton's daughter, the miniseries is an opportunity for her to show off her stunt work.

"The subway car was on its side and they threw me into the window, and then you know the special effects window shatters. I mean, it was major for me. It was no Jackie Chan, but it was major for me. I was slammed into the window!" she says.

Cicely Tyson stars as Charles Dutton's mother. Aftershock is still filming scenes but the finished product is scheduled to air Nov. 7 and 9.

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