CBS News launches "Face to Face"


January 4, 2012

CBS NEWS LAUNCHES "FACE TO FACE," A WEEKLY WEBCAST ON CBSNEWS.COM FEATURING ORIGINAL "FACE THE NATION" CONTENT Webcast Expands Leading Public Affairs Program's Online Footprint Bob Schieffer Interviews Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney on January 4 Debut

CBS News has launched FACE TO FACE, a weekly webcast featuring original FACE THE NATION content, expanding the leading public affairs program's online footprint. Each week, FACE TO FACE will feature a one-on-one interview between Bob Schieffer and a top newsmaker on, on the FACE THE NATION website. The webcast debuts on Jan. 4 as FACE THE NATION anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer interviews Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in Des Moines, Iowa, following Romney's first place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

In today's interview, Romney tells Schieffer that he isn't concerned about negative attacks from Newt Gingrich, who just yesterday called the former Governor a liar on CBS News' THE EARLY SHOW. "Sticks and stones will break my bones," Romney says. "I'm not going to worry about what comes my way." Anticipating future attacks from the Democrats, Romney says he doubts the Democratic National Committee will "have to go to Newt to get their attack ads for me. They've got plenty of other people they'll go to and they'll do their own material." As he gears up for Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Romney tells Schieffer that he can't take the state for granted, noting, "I've got to earn it and work it very hard."

Video of the interview is available here. Click here for full transcript of FACE to FACE with Mitt Romney.

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