Caught on tape: Great White Shark lurks near shoreline

(CBS/Ten News) Swimmers beware!

An 11.5-foot Great White Shark was spotted lurking less than 30 feet away from the shoreline off the coast of Australia.

The shark was seen at the same beach where a wakeboarder was mauled last month.

Tracey Lowe filmed the massive fish on her digital camera.

She had been celebrating her wedding anniversary at Hawk's Nest, just north of Newcastle, when she saw a shadow in the surf.

"We were just about to dive into that area when we saw the shadows moving around," Lowe said.

Locals say shark sightings are more common at this time of year because of schools of bait fish and salmon.

A lifeguard who works in the area advised swimmers to be aware of their surroundings and to not swim in the early morning or late afternoons and especially not when there are bait fish around.