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Cat freaks out meeting baby for first time, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a snoring hedgehog, parrots laughing like women, a giant gummy bear fireball, a cat meeting a newborn for the first time, a 3-year-long, around-the-world selfie and an epic mother-son wedding reception dance.

First up, Vusiuz shared this almost-too-cute video of a hedgehog snoring.

Laugh along with parrots that sound just like women in this clip from noninonutube.

What happens when you take the world's largest gummy bear and drop it into a vat of boiling potassium chlorate? finds out in this sweet experiment.

This video, posted by lena19282, shows a cat's humorous reaction to meeting a newborn baby for the first time.

To make this video, Alex Chacon attached a GoPro camera to the end of a stick and spent 600 days traveling the world. He rode over 125,000 miles on motorcycles, through 36 countries, and created one of the most epic selfies ever.

And, ML Photo + Film captured this awesome moment, when a groom and his mother turned the traditional mother-son wedding reception dance upside down.