Cast a wide net for the next job you post online

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(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Are you hiring? Odds are that despite the down economy, you are. According to the Department of Labor, there are 3.5 million unfilled job vacancies out there. It's possible that one reason you're having trouble finding the right person for your job is that qualified candidates aren't looking in the same places that you're posting.

You can solve that problem with a free service from SmartRecruiters. SmartRecruiters is offering the ability to cross-post your job openings not just on the major sites like Monster and LinkedIn, but on 100 different job boards.

To get your opening in front of the maximum number of candidates, go to SmartRecruiters and enter the details of your post. If you connect to your LinkedIn account, SmartRecruiters will automatically extract information about your company to make the job posting process simpler. Then just enter the details of your open position, and post it. Immediately, your job will appear in job boards large and small, common and niche, across cyberspace, giving you more reach than you could easily achieve any other way.