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Mattress company Casper is hiring professional nappers

At online mattress company Casper, sleeping on the job is encouraged. 

According to a job listing on the company's website, it is looking to hire someone with "exceptional sleeping ability" to demonstrate to the public and social media universe how easy it is to achieve restful sleep on Casper mattresses. 

"Join the Casper Sleepers and show off your sleeping skills in public, on social and anywhere else people are looking. So join us to literally sleep on the job because we believe a good sleep changes everything," the posting reads. 

Job duties include sleeping in Casper stores as well as in "unexpected settings out in the world." While awake, the successful candidate will be expected to share their sleeping experience on different social media platforms. 

Among the special skills for the job, Casper is seeking someone who can sleep anytime, anywhere. They must also want to sleep "as much as possible" and be able to "sleep through anything." Comfort documenting their dormant hours on camera is also a requirement. 

Casper doesn't indicate a salary range for the job, which is part-time. 

Job perks include getting some free Casper products and — always a plus — getting to wear pajamas to work.

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