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Carry a Tiny Business Card-Sized Calendar

I'm irrationally in love. Of course, all love affairs are irrational, right? But in this case, I can't get enough of a tiny printable calendar that puts the whole year at your fingertips on a piece of paper no bigger than a business card.

Irrational? Absolutely. With calendars built into our cell phones and PCs, there's pretty much no reason to ever carry a paper calendar like this one. But it's so cool.

It's not like a standard calendar -- it doesn't lay out 12 sequential months, so you can see what day Arbor Day falls on this year. Instead, you'll see a typical 31 day grid bordered by 12 stripes, one for each month. Find the day you want in a particular month, like Mondays in June, and then run your finger down to see what dates fall on that day. Answer: 7, 14, 21, and 28.

Or, go the other way: What day is the 14 of July this year? Wednesday.

Download the 2010 Small Calendar as a PDF and print yours today. Don't forget to laminate yours. For the ultimate in cool, tape it to the back of your iPhone. [via Techblogger]