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Carl Paladino Threatens Reporter Fred Dicker (Video)

Updated 2:47 p.m. Eastern Time

Video has surfaced of New York Republican gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino threatening New York Post reporter Fred Dicker with a warning that he will "take you out, buddy."

The must-watch (if grainy) video is at left.

The confrontation came after Dicker asked Paladino for evidence to support his unsubstantiated allegation that Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo had an extramarital affair.

Paladino responds by mentioning his own 10-year-old daughter, who he had as part of an affair of his own, and then accuses Dicker of sending his "goons" after Paladino's daughter. The confrontation grows increasingly physical as Dicker continues to press Paladino on whether he has evidence for his charge.

"Of course I do," Paladino says, though the declines to offer any evidence. "You'll get it at the appropriate time. You're not entitled to it."

Paladino calls Dicker Cuomo's "stalking horse" and "bird dog" before saying that if Dicker sends "another goon to my daughter's house, I'll take you out, buddy."

Dicker asks how Paladino is going to do that, and Paladino replies, "watch," before walking away dramatically.

An aide to Paladino then tells Dicker he is "way out of line" and "off our Christmas list" and says he is a "terrible journalist" who is "working for Cuomo."

Paladino's campaign manager, Michael Caputo, put out a statement Thursday afternoon that reads in part, "while Fred Dicker may be on the payroll of The New York Post, his outrageous bias toward Mr. Cuomo is demonstrated again and again through his coverage of this campaign. Every political reporter and observer in the state knows his bias."

The statement expands on Paladino's complaint:

The New York Post sent a photographer to the Buffalo home where Carl Paladino's 10-year-old daughter lives with her mother. This photographer attempted to take photos of the child through the windows and subsequently attempted to follow the girl to a playground.

We believe this conduct puts Carl Paladino's daughter in harm's way, susceptible to kidnapping or sexual predators. This behavior by The New York Post and their senior political editor Fred Dicker is unacceptable. Endangering the safety of a 10-year-old child is repugnant.

A millionaire developer who is fond of channeling disturbed newsman Howard Beale's "mad as hell" speech from the movie "Network," Paladino has acknowledged forwarding racist and sexist emails, proposed turning empty prisons into dormitory space for welfare recipients and has aggressively attacked Cuomo in the general election campaign.

One poll earlier this month showed him within striking distanceof the heavily-favored Cuomo, though another showed the Democrat with a wide lead.

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