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Carefully Hone Your Resume Accomplishments for Better Job Opportunities

Your resume is a powerful weapon in your next job hunt, so it pays to keep it sharp.

Take your accomplishments, for example. Are they relevant, notable, recent, and accurate? If not, they could well be a liability that makes your hiring manager say, "pass."

For starters, make sure your accomplishments are quantifiable, and speak to ways you affected the business. Don't list praise or kudos you received from a client or manager, for example. Nor should you describe yourself using the same colorful language your mom might use. In other words, these are no-nos:

  • I was the most talented writer on the team.
  • My previous editor claimed I never needed any edits.
It's also important to only include accomplishments that are, well, impressive. If your accomplishments simply indicate that you performed at the expected level, then it's best to leave them off. Don't call out that you "get along with others" or maintained a 2.0 GPA.

Yahoo's Hotjobs has a number of other resume recommendations that you should take to heart the next time you prepare for an interview. [via The Consumerist]

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