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Cardi B asked fans if she should spend $88,000 on a purse. After backlash, she offered to match charitable donations.

Rapper Cardi B tweeted on Sunday asking her followers if she should spend $88,000 on a purse — and faced swift backlash from many pointing out the increased need for even the most basic necessities amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In response, Cardi B encouraged people to show her which charities they have donated to, and said she would match their donations.

"Should I spend 88K for this damn purse?" Tweeted Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar. "Omggg it's tempting."

Critics were quick to attack the tweet, noting millions of Americans are currently out of work. With the holiday season fast approaching, some are wondering how they'll be able to afford presents while still making ends meet this year.

Cardi B responded to some users who called her out, claiming she had already donated considerable sums of money this year — along with other charitable contributions — and defended her desire to buy the purse. The rapper also said she has been helping multiple family members during the pandemic. 

"If I want to splurge I can with out [sic] yall asking for hand outs [sic] like me and my husband don't do so," she added in another tweet

Twitter user @Todd36645766 urged Cardi B to instead donate the money to a charity for those that "need help right now." She tweeted back, claiming she has already donated $2 million this year, adding "I'm doing something very special in a another [sic] country that will be done with next year. What have you donated ?"

User @TrueBlueGirl74 said there was "no need to get offended" by those saying she could use the money to help others. "If U can spend $88,000 on a purse right now, that's your right of course but your [sic] missing the point," the user said. "Your tweet just felt like a drop kick [sic] to many hurting right now."

The rapper responded, "Soo now ya wanna gatekeep what people tweet ?ommmmggg this is insane."

However, some supported the Grammy-winning performer, stating that she can spend her money however she would like.

Less than two hours after her initial tweet, the rapper suggested a challenge to her followers.

"Since ya want to tell me to donate soo much ...Drop receipts on what YOU have donated too," she wrote. She added in a separate tweet, "Any charity or foundation drop your receipts under the comment I will match what you donated and match your donation to that same charity or foundation. Lets match energy."

Many users replied to her tweets, asking her to match their donations to a variety of causes, including local food pantries, the Salvation Army and more. 

Cardi B posted several screenshots of her text messages with an individual listed as "Ravy," in which she instructed the individual to donate to some of the organizations.

In the spring, the rapper posted a 46-second long video talking about her fears about COVID-19 and urging people to take the disease seriously. It quickly went viral. 

"Coronavirus, sh** is real!" Cardi B said. Her message also turned into a rallying cry for supporters around the globe who were under stay-at-home orders at the time to mitigate the spread of the disease. 

The rant became a remix called "Coronavirus" shortly after. She pledged to donate the proceeds of the remix to those in need. 

The rapper endorsed President-elect Joe Biden for president, after initially supporting Bernie Sanders during the primaries. She took part in an interview with the former vice president this summer, and told Mr. Biden she wanted President Trump out, citing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic as a major reason.

Christopher Brito contributed to this report

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