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Can't find your phone? Google it

google find my phone

Google released a cool new feature Wednesday that lets Android smartphone owners use the search engine to find their phones.

Whether you think it might be in a cab somewhere or stuck under a couch cushion in your living room, all you have to do is type "find my phone" into the search bar and Google will help you pinpoint its whereabouts.

It uses your Google account information to identify your phone and geolocate it, making you verify your login information on the computer first by asking for your password. Then it plots your phone's location on a map, accurate to within a couple hundred feet.

If it looks like it's in your apartment but you can't figure out where, you can click a link to have Google call your phone for you. It will ring for five minutes, at full volume -- even if you have the ringer set to vibrate or silent -- until you find it and quiet it with the power button.

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