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Can Insurance Make You Sexy?

Forget about dressing to impress. If you want to attract a mate, you should buy health insurance -- or so says a recent survey of roughly 500 18 to 30-year-olds.

It may not sound romantic, but a whopping 90% of students and 93% of recent graduates said that knowing a potential mate has health insurance would make him or her more attractive, according to the online survey by Kelton Research. But that may be because young people say they'd be significantly less daring if they weren't covered.

Students and recent graduates would forego a host of activities -- risky and not so very -- out of fear of getting hurt or sick without the economic safety net of insurance, according to the survey, which admittedly was funded by an interested party -- Among other things, uninsured young adults said they'd be reluctant to:

  • ride a motorcycle (43% of graduates/ 49% of college students)
  • get married (21% of graduates / 25% of college students)
  • start a family (53% of graduates / 45% of college students)
  • take a cross-country trip (17% of graduates/ 20% of students)
  • travel to a third-world country (42% of graduates / 46% of students)
  • eat a restaurant where they're unsure of the food quality (22% of graduates / 28% of college students)
"Health insurance might not be sexy, but it's clear from the survey that having health insurance makes young people feel better about doing the things they consider to be sexy," sayd Carrie McLean, consumer specialist at

They survey also found that most young adults would be willing to sacrifice a few luxuries to buy health insurance. For instance, more than two-thirds (68% of graduates and 64% of students) would give up eating out one night night a week and a similar percentage would forego a weekly night out at the movies. But don't mess with a young person's jolt of caffeine. Only 51% of graduates and 53% of students would sacrifice their daily coffee to save money to buy insurance.

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