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Can a Change of Scenery Improve Your Productivity?

panera.jpgEver find yourself spinning your wheels, unable to get any traction on a project? This can happen for a variety of reasons: interruptions, distractions, writer's block (or the equivalent), and so on. Productivity Cafe says you might have an easier time getting things done if you change your environment. For example:

Lorie roams around her house with her wireless laptop. Sometimes you'll find her at the kitchen table, sometimes stretched out on a lounge chair out back on the porch, and sometimes in the family room on a big cushy chair.
Other options including packing up your notebook and heading to the library, a nearby Internet cafe, or just an unused conference room. The idea here is that a change of scenery can improve your focus -- an idea I agree with 100 percent. When I'm on deadline and just can't seem to get my brain in gear, I'll head to a local coffee shop for a few hours. Works every time: I'm always able to crank out a story, finish a feature, or whatever. Have you ever tried this method? Does it work for you? Photo courtesy of Panera Bread.
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