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Campbell's Gay Soup Ad Causes Storm in a Bread Bowl

Campbell Soup has placed an ad in gay magazine The Advocate. The ad, which shows two lesbian parents and their son, touts Campbell's Swanson line of broth.

swanson122208big1.jpgPredictably, the placement has stirred a ludicrous "controversy," with the right-wing American Family Association accusing the company of embracing the "homosexual agenda." Campbell has brushed off the criticism.

The ad was created by the magazine's staff, and has a text-heavy, lopsided feel to prove it. It suggests a recipe for Swanson's, answering the age-old question, What type of soup do lesbian mommies like best? The answer: Butternut squash bisque with roasted garlic and fresh sage.

The AFA took this position:

Campbell Soup Company embraces homosexual agenda
Campbell Soup Company has openly begun helping homosexual activists push their agenda. Not only did the ads cost Campbell's a chunk of money, but they also sent a message that homosexual parents constitute a family and are worthy of support. They also gave their approval to the entire homosexual agenda.
It's worth quoting the AFA spokesperson in full, if only for the news that his name is Randy Sharp:
"When you specifically target a homosexual magazine, then your company is basically endorsing these activities; you're endorsing the lifestyle," claims Sharp. "And in one ad, which ... clearly shows two lesbians who say they are married, who say they have a son together, ... the Campbell Soup Company is saying 'we approve of homosexual marriage.' There is no question whatsoever of what the intentions of the company are."
As these commenters note, Campbell is probably not supporting "the entire homesexual agenda" with just one ad for soup. Rather, it's taking note of the fact that lesbians buy soup just like everybody else. Campbell's sells soup. Gay dollars turn out to be indistinguishable from straight ones.

The company isn't backing down:

"Our position on this is pretty straightforward. Inclusion and diversity play an important role in our business, and that fact is reflected in our marketing plan," he said. "For more than a century people from all walks for life have enjoyed Campbell's products, and we will continue to try to communicate in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them."
Hat tip to BNET Food, which noted this story first.
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