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Man rescued after four days trapped in Cambodian cave

28-year-old Sum Bora was found on August 6, 2019 after four days trapped in a cave in Cambodia. Battambang Province Authority Police Handout via BBC News

A man has been rescued after being trapped between two rocks in a Cambodian cave for four days without food or water, CBS News partner network BBC News reported Friday. He slipped while trying to collect bat droppings, called guano, which is sold as fertilizer in Cambodia.

28-year-old Sum Bora lost his bearings after he dropped his flashlight, police told BBC News. He was found after his family launched a search for him.

"I had lost hope of staying alive, and if I had a knife with me I'd have committed suicide," local media cited him as saying.

Bora was found by a friend of his with whom he often collected guano.

"We're both small-built and can easily fit into narrow passages, so my friend was able to crawl through another passage to reach me inside the cave," Bora said, according to BBC News.

Bora was recovered after a 10-hour rescue operation that involved 200 people, a helicopter, and the destruction of parts of the cave, which is by Chakrai Mountain, BBC News reported. Police said they were going to prohibit people from climbing Chakrai Mountain to prevent any other incidents.

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