Calif. boy survives 35-foot fall from window

Carl Segui, 4, accidentally fell out of a third floor window.

BURBANK, Calif. A 4-year-old boy gave his parents a Halloween scare when he fell out of a third story window. Luckily, he only sustained minor injuries.

Carl Segui's parents said to CBS station KCBS in Los Angeles that their son was jumping on a bed when he accidentally fell 35 feet to the ground, landing in some bushes below.

"I was thinking, 'Oh my God, is he alive?'" his mother, who was unnamed, told KCBS.

Police and fire officials were called to the scene, Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn told the Los Angeles Times. The boy was sent to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where he was treated for his injuries -- mainly some cuts on his head and a bloody nose.

After being held overnight for observation and receiving some stitches on his scalp, Segui was cleared to go home and, more importantly to him, go trick-or-treating. He dressed up as Batman this year and told KCBS that the fall made him feel like a "superhero."

His mother said she felt very lucky that he survived.

"He is a miracle kid," she said. "We are lucky to have him."