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Business apps for Windows 8 that exist today

(MoneyWatch) One of the most common complaints About Windows 8 -- aside from the split personality of modern and desktop interfaces -- is the relative paucity of apps. No surprise there: Windows 8 is brand new, and there hasn't been time for developers to get behind the operating system. And that's assuming that developers will choose to make the investment at all.

But that doesn't mean there's nothing of interest already available for Windows 8. Indeed, a casual stroll through the Windows Store reveals a number of apps that are custom made for business. And while it's still early, these apps show the potential for what Windows 8's modern environment can do. Here are a few:

OneNote. Microsoft's Office-alternative to Evernote is in fine form in Windows 8. Microsoft clearly put a lot of thought into making this app an object lesson in how to create touch-savvy productivity apps. If you have a mouse and keyboard, you're probably better off with the traditional desktop version of OneNote. But if you have a Surface RT (or some other tablet), download this one.

Evernote. And yes, there's a modern version of Evernote available as well.

Box. Yes, SkyDrive comes built into Windows 8 at a fundamental level, making it easy to access files in the cloud from any PC. But Box has an established history with business customers, and if you already have a Box account, you can access it (and your files) from this modern app.

YouSendIt. You might already know about YouSendIt; it's a great web service that lets you share very large files (up to a massive 2GB in size) with co-workers and clients. There's both a free and paid version of YouSendIt; for $15/month, you get file tracking, encryption, authentication and more.

Package Tracker. This comprehensive tracking software keeps you notified whenever shipping status changes on any packages you have in play. For $3, you get all-in-one connectivity with about 60 different shipping services.

TeamViewer. Need to remotely access a PC? TeamViewer is the first modern app that lets you reach out and touch a PC from another office or around the world. Even better, TeamViewer is commonly used in many enterprises, so this app might connect with your TeamViewer network that's already in place.

To get any of these apps, start the Windows Store and then open the charms bar on the right side of the screen. Click the Search icon and type the exact name of the app you're looking for. Press enter, and you should see it appear in the results.

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