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Burger King's Latest: A Man in a Baby Costume - Funny or Creepy?


Burger King (BKC)'s new TV commercial shows a grown man dressed as a baby, playing in a sandbox, as his "mom" looks on. It is the latest salvo from a company that seems determined to court controversy. Most recently, BK started a "Shower Babe" web cam in the U.K. in which a bikini-clad girl sings a new pop song every morning while soaping herself. (See "Related" links below for previous BK controversies). The voiceover on the new ad, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, says:
This baby boy was born yesterday ... but even he knows the quarter pound BK double cheeseburger for a buck is a very special deal.
If you search for online reaction to the ad, you find that it's been noticed in the "adult baby" community. (Those links are not safe for work; and if you don't know what the previous sentence means then rejoice and move on -- you don't want to know what it means.)

How does this sell burgers? Even if you like the joke, there's just something disturbing -- and unappetizing -- about the sight of a grown man dressed as a baby. Doubtless BK's restless franchisees will have something to say about it.