Bunny On Wheels Gets A Home

Scooter is "scooting" around new digs these days. You may remember Scooter, the bunny: he's cute, cuddly and loves people...and is paralyzed from a spinal injury, a sign experts say of mishandling.

Normally, when an animal clinic sees a case like this, they choose euthanasia. However the staff at Miami Lakes' Country Club Animal Hospital was so enamored with the rabbit that they engineered a scooter, for Scooter.

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They would leave him out of the cart to rest sometimes. When he wanted to ride again he would drag himself over to the cart and try to get inside on his own. The cart is made out of Tupperware and wheels from a toy.

Scooter was up for adoption, and now he has found a permanent home. A Miami, Florida woman just couldn't resist his charms.

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