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Build a Killer Facebook Business Page, No Design Skills Required

Startling stat: Facebook has more than 500 million active users. I'll bet you wouldn't mind having some of them as customers? Step one: craft a Facebook page that effectively promotes your business -- and looks good doing it.

Pagemodo helps you build custom, professional-looking Facebook pages, no coding or design skills required. All you do is choose from a nice selection of templates, add some text and photos (videos, too, if you want), choose a subscription option (more on that in a minute), and then "install" your page. Here's an example:

The service's page-building tools are remarkably easy to use, showing a real-time preview as you add and update page elements. Pagemodo gives you a handful of fonts to choose from and provides a full-spectrum color selector for fonts and backgrounds.

For some templates, you also have the option of requiring users to click "Like" to reveal more of the page -- a great way to offer, say, a coupon code or an exclusive video.

Your newly created page can be added as a "Welcome" tab (or "About Us," "Home," "News," etc.) to your existing Facebook site, or become the primary landing page for it.

Pagemodo has four different pricing options, starting with a free one-page Personal account. Step up to the Basic plan ($6.25 per month) and you get three pages, plus Pagemodo removes its promotional footer. If you want video, you'll need the $13.25/month Pro plan (which also includes seven pages and Google Analytics integration).

Although I'm not a fan of monthly fees, I think Pagemodo offers excellent ROI. I suspect that if you landed just a couple new customers per month, you'd more than cover your costs.

One thing is certain: I've yet to find a faster, easier way to create a polished, professional-looking Facebook business page. If you haven't built one yet, Pagemodo should be your first stop.

Update: And your second should be High Impact Designer, a similar service that has a lot more templates and a comparable pricing structure.
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