TGIF. U2? U23D?? Definitely. It's Friday and one of my New Year's resolutions was to update this Tech Talk blog more frequently. So, I've resolved to make the entries less wordy, more casual-y, and perhaps even timely. The subject matter will still be based in the high-tech domain but occasionally may branch out to include more pop culture stuff. But before I forget, I am working on a story for Monday night's Evening News that takes a closer look at Georgia Tech's "Aware Home," which is really a collection of experiments aimed at making life for the elderly for independent and comfortable. We talked to an aging mother and daughter who want to stay in their Atlanta condo as long as possible without sacrificing safety. It's a dilemma facing many Americans. I hope you'll tune in.

In the meantime, have you seen the iPhone guitar? It's not quite "Guitar Hero" or even "Air Guitar Hero" but it will allow you to feel like you're strumming a tiny banjo. Cool factor TBD. Also, on a more serious note, what's going on with the OLPC project? OK, no more acronyms.

Is anyone else hooked on "Mass Effect"? Full disclosure a good friend of mine works as a game writer over at BioWare but I've played hundreds (thousands?) of titles over 25 years or more and this one is thoroughly engrossing on so many levels. But I'm not sure how/why "Mass Effect" has become the latest focal point for games poisoning young people. Huh? "Mass Effect" is truly a work of craftsmanship. The storytelling, the graphics, the immersive environment -- this is far, far, far away from a low-brow sex-violence shoot-'em up. Yes, there are moments of maturity in the game, but it's rated "M" and by comparison doesn't feel even slightly gratuitous. Gamers have grown up, people, and so have games. That said, it's still about good parenting decisions.

A few random thoughts to end the week: 1) Why do headphones often have such a woefully short lifespan? 2) San Francisco in 2108? 3) What happens when Google's parents leave town for the weekend? This party, that's what (warning: some swearing throughout).

Until next time, stay connected. (Oh, and happy Robbie Burns Day!)