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Bubba Reveals 'Enduring Humiliation'

If it seems like we're writing a lot about Bill Clinton's golf game, well, the chatty putter just won't stop talking about it.

You might recall that we recently wrote that Clinton pal Terry McAuliffe has been bragging about how he can now beat the ex-president on the links. Something about how having fewer Secret Service agents on the course means Bubba's errant balls don't miraculously show up on the fairway anymore.

Anyway, Clinton was in Little Rock this week dedicating a new wetlands project when he revealed that its namesake, William Clark, never lost to the president.

"In all the times we played golf, even with my handicap, I never beat him once, not one single solitary time. It was one of the enduring humiliations of my life," tells Clinton. "And yet I never could wait to try again."

Word is that Clark, whose company built Clinton's library and museum, was a straight-talking guy who just didn't cater to power. The duo played most times Clinton returned home, even in the rain. Once, we're told, Clark sought to stop after nine holes because of heavy rain. But Clinton said they had to play through, and even that didn't help him win.

By Paul Bedard