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More arrests in Belgium add to evidence of widespread terror network

New police raids reveal widespread terror network in Europe 02:18

At least three more men have been charged with terrorist activities in weekend raids following the Brussels terror attacks. The latest arrests add to growing evidence that the Brussels and Paris bombings were carried out by a Europe-wide network of terrorist cells that the security services are only just beginning to figure out, reports CBS News correspondent Allen Pizzey.

Even as the police were conducting at least 13 raids against suspected terrorist hideouts, they had to contend with a right-wing demonstration at a memorial to the bombing victims on Sunday. The near-riot came as news broke of a controversy over police phones having crashed for unclear reasons during the attacks last week.

Brussels remains tense and vigilant 02:17

A man shot by police at a tram stop in Brussels Friday has been charged with involvement in a terrorist group over a foiled plot in France. He was caught in the same suburb where police raided what they said was a bomb-making factory.

Police released CCTV video Monday appealing for information about the mysterious "man in the black hat," seen before the suicide attacks in the Brussels airport. Belgian media had identified him as Faycal Chaffou, a suspect who was released Monday for lack of evidence.

And more evidence of just how widespread the terrorist networks are has emerged. Four men were picked up over the weekend in the Netherlands in connection to fresh bombing plots in France.

Italian police detained a man of Algerian origin for allegedly being part of a forging ring that provided false documents to the terrorist cell being linked to attacks in France and the Belgian subway and airport bombings.

Tests on the airport structure in passenger areas will be carried out Tuesday to determine if it is safe to reopen it. But police there are threatening to go on strike on Wednesday reportedly over security issues.

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