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Broncos' Davis Robbed At Gunpoint

As the NFL's Most Valuable Player, Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis has seen his share of dangerous men on the football field.

But nothing like two bandits who held him up at gunpoint last month after he was attending the Grammy awards in Los Angeles.

"I was more in disbelief than anything," Davis said Thursday in his first public comments about the Feb. 22 holdup. "I was caught off guard. I wasn't scared or anything, I was like `Yo'."

Davis said two men wearing face masks held him up on a street one block south of Sunset Boulevard as he was exiting his rental car.

After rifling through his wallet, they recognized Davis as this season's NFL MVP.

And, he said, they were infuriated when they discovered the famous football player had only $28 in his pants pocket.

"You're Terrell Davis! And this is all the (expletive) money you've got! Twenty-eight (expletive) dollars!" the robber screamed at Denver's running back.

Davis, who said he always carries little cash, said he told the gunmen, "this is all I got, man."

The robbers took his money and his watch and ran off, leaving Davis shaken but unharmed.

"The scary thing was if they didn't get anything then maybe they would have done something more drastic. I was just hoping they were satisfied," said Davis, who alerted police about the holdup but did not file an official report.

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