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Broadband Content Bits: NBCU; Yahoo; Adobe-Viacom; Paramount-VooZoo

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.

-- *NBCU* to offer original webisodes of its primetime shows: NBC Digital Entertainment will release original web content based on its existing primetime shows this July, Variety reports.. The webisodes, based on such TV shows as The Office, 30 Rock and Heroes, will be connected to the on-air content. Also in the works is a new user-generated series, Fears, Secrets & Lies, in which viewers are encouraged to send in storyline suggestions to be used in the actual content.

-- *Yahoo* axes 'The 9,' launches 'Good Morning Yahoo': Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) discontinued production of its viral video roundup show The 9, having aired its last episode on Monday, NewTeeVee reports. It will now launch another original web series, a morning news roundup show called Good Morning Yahoo. The 9's discontinuation will not result in layoffs since most of the show was outsourced.

-- *Adobe* trials ad-supported *CBS* and *Viacom* program subscriptions: Adobe Systems Inc (NSDQ: ADBE). has started trialling software delivering ad-supported subscriptions to CBS (NYSE: CBS) shows, including CSI and Survivor, according to Reuters. Under an agreement in which the companies will share ad revenue, Adobe will provide CBS and Viacom (NYSE: VIA) programming through the Adobe Media Player.

-- Paramount video clips available in virtual worlds: Video clips from Paramount Pictures movie library will now be available in virtual worlds, and vMTV, marking the first time a movie studio has allowed its footage to be used in, reports AP. The FanRocket-developed VooZoo will enable users to express themselves with seconds long clips of movie one liners. The PG-13 or tamer clips will cost about $1 and play in a small window above the avatar's heads.

By Amanda Natividad

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