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Brittni Colleps Case: Students who were alleged sex partners of ex-Texas teacher say they do not feel like victims

Brittni Colleps, former high school teacher, faces a Texas court on Aug. 16, 2012 on allegations that she had an improper relationship with five students KENS

(CBS) FORT WORTH, Texas - Students of former Fort Worth high school teacher Brittni Colleps, who is on trial for allegedly having sex with five of her students, testified Thursday that they do not consider themselves victims, The Star-Telegram reports.

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One student going by the pseudonym "Richard" said he went to Colleps home with three of his friends where they engaged in sexual intercourse with her, according to The Star-Telegram. Richard says he was "happy" to be at Colleps' house.

The 28-year-old mother of three and former English teacher at Kennedale High School is accused of having group sex with four teenagers while another student videotaped the act with his cellphone.

Another student, who went by the name "Jordan," reportedly said Thursday that he videotaped the group sex with another student's phone. He also said he did not feel like a victim, the Star-Telegram reports.

Jordan reportedly said he and the other students spoke about keeping the incident to themselves so Colleps would not get in trouble.

The alleged video was played for members of the jury. The cellphone video did not show Colleps' face, but it reportedly showed a woman's back as she was having intercourse with at least two different students while others were in the room.

Colleps was arrested last year when some of the students bragged about the sexual relationship, CBS affiliate KENS reported. Some of the students took the stand Tuesday, describing the text messages that prosecutors said were sexual in nature between the students and Colleps.

Colleps is charged with several counts of improper relationship between educator and student. If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison.

Although all of the students were over 18 years old, it is against Texas law for a teacher to have an improper relationship with a student, regardless of age. Even if charged and convicted, Colleps would not have to register as a sex offender because all of the students were over the age of 18, CBS DFW reported.

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